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23 January, 2024




1st - A brief orientation to this site and the

        2nd Peter Theory.

     The page that you are currently reading is an attempt to inform you of the content and purposes of this site.  As you may have already noted on the previous page, the goal of Theon Doxazo is to facilitate the Spiritual Development of Christians.

2nd - An Exegesis of 2nd Peter 1:1-21.

     We will begin by a rigorous exegesis of 2nd Peter 1:1-21. This is undertaken to provide the reader with a sound Scriptual foundation for the formal presentation of the 2nd Peter Theory that is to follow.


     It is the assumption of this site that, to the degree that the 2nd Peter Theory is compatible with the text of Scripture, the Theory will be more likely to be correct, the Theory will be more likely to be accepted and influential, and Disciples striving to advance their Spiritual development will be more likely to be helped.


     Thus, it is deemed of the highest importance that the 2nd Peter Theory consistently reflect the Truth of Scripture, and that the Church be able to evaluate the degree to which this goal is met.


     Also presented is a secondary developmental sequence (CYA) drawn from 1 John 2:12-14.  Associated Scriptual passages related to the 2nd Peter and 1st John passages will also be considered.

3rd - The formal presentation of the 2nd Peter Theory

         of Christian Spiritual Development.

     This section begins with a consideration of the basic assumptions of the 2nd Peter Theory.  From that foundation we will consider the ‘Spiritual Dynamics’ of how one may 'add' one level of Spiritual Development to the next.


     Also presented is a secondary developmental sequence (CYA).  The rationale for also considering this more simplistic approach is also considered.

4th - A survey of various Psychological Theories of

        Development and how they may relate to the

        2nd Peter Theory.

     This is an exercise in Natural Theology.  To the degree that our human understanding of development comes to approximate Divine Truth, so one would hope to find at least modest parallels between the 2nd Peter Theory and various secular Psychological theories and principles.


     Hopefully, the reader will have completed the 3rd part of this material and acquired a reasonable understanding of the 2nd Peter Theory prior to undertaking this attempt to integrate Peter with the existing literature in secular Psychology

5th - A consideration of the Assessment of Christian

        Spiritual Development using the 2nd Peter

        Theory as a theoretical foundation.

     Approached tentatively and with a great respect for the dangers involved, this section will seek to inform the general reader and guide the clinical professional in assessing the Spiritual Development of Christians.


     While the more formal approaches to Assessment outlined in this section would be more appropriate for the Counseling office, Clergy or Laity discipling others would, hopefully, find the suggestions contained herein helpful in providing Spiritual Direction.

6th - A brief overview of Christian Education &

        Pedagogy in the context of the 2nd Peter Theory.

     Whether it be Ministers in the pulpit or Teachers in a Sunday School class, knowing where you want your listeners to wind up should prove helpful in helping them to get there.


      As persons at different levels of Spiritual Development are believed to differ in the assets they bring to the developmental process, as well as in the problems they confront, an understanding of the developmental process should allow the instructor to tailor the message to best suit a particular listener.


     Suggestions will be made to instructors for specific approaches to take in responding to disciples at a given level of growth.


     Suggestions will also be made regarding preaching to a large church containing persons of very different levels of Spiritual Development.

7th - A consideration of various Pathologies of

        Christian Spiritual Development in the light of

        the 2nd Peter Theory.

     While the 2nd Peter Theory is a theory of “Normal” Christian development, frequently we are confronted by Spiritual problems that render one anything but “Normal”.


     In attempting to assist the clinician in guiding Christians whose Spirituality has become problematic, a survey of Spiritual Pathologies will be made.  Specific efforts will be made to tie these pathologies into the 2nd Peter Theory of normal or optimal Christian development, so that one can better understand how the departure from normality occurred.

8th - Contemplations on Treatment options for the

        Spiritual Pathologies noted above.

     Given the discussion of Spiritual Pathologies noted above, this section turns to a discussion of how to intervene in those problems.  The goal is to remediate the conflict in the life of the subject and then to assist them in the process of returning to Spiritual growth.


     Again, while the clinical professional would be most likely to benefit from such a discussion, the wise Minister or Elder should also be able to find useful nuggets to guide their dealings with their flocks.

9th - Various Projects I’d like to undertake to advance

        Christian Spiritual Development as informed by

        the 2nd Peter Theory.

      I hope to start a formally-recognized, non-profit organization to administer this site and undertake various projects to support Christian Spiritual Development.


     I would love to see this site translated into several of the world's major languages, so as to facilitate Christian Spiritual Development around the globe.


     I hope to make an initial proposal for the development of a Retreat Center focused on advancing the spiritual development of individual Christians.  It is hoped that such a Center may prove a helpful means of advancing our understanding of Spiritual development generally, as well as various Pathologies and their Treatment.


10th - Opportunities for Dialogue and Communication

     Everyone needs feedback.  This is the place for you to respond to me about what you have found on this site.


     Please be advised:  I am very busy and it is NOT guaranteed (or likely!) that I will be able to respond to your concerns.

11th - Financial options should you choose to support

          this ministry.

     Options available to support the day-to-day costs of this ministry are discussed.


     Given my fantasy of a Retreat Center noted above, the problem associated with raising money, etc. inevitably arises.  This is where these issues are discussed.


     It is also hoped that this is where you will be able to obtain copies of the documents displayed on this website for your private reading pleasure.


12th - End Notes

     In this section several of the generally necessary 'Housekeeping' issues will be dealt with.  These issues should include:


1 - A FAQ

2 - Terms of Use

3 - Privacy issues

4 - Trade Marks

5 - Copyright issues

6- Fair Use issues

7 - Permissions

8 - References

99 - A final blessing


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