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This page revised and Copyrighted: Theon Doxazo

10 December, 2023


Who is Theon Doxazo?


Simple.  It's not important.


Theon Doxazo is a pen name.  I am writing for this web site anonymously.


Why do this?  As a first response, I would recommend that you read the page on this site named:  Why Do I Not Charge For This Site?


The second response to this question sits cheek-to-jowl next to the Lord's Prayer, but somehow we don't pay it near the attention that it deserves.


"Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men.  Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you."

-  Matt. 6:1-4, New American Standard Bible


I'd like to tell you a story.  My mother told me this story when I was a child growing up in Southern California.


When SHE was a child there was a very famous child actress named Shirley Temple.  In the USA at the beginning of the 1900's the film studios had a habit of producing a series of films using 'child stars'.  The movies they produced were generally winsome and acceptable family entertainment.  Shirley was very cute and made many films that were very popular.  As you can probably guess, Shirley's films made her LOTS of money.  My mother told me that Shirley's parents kept the money in trust and invested it for her.  They handled all the business deals.  Shirley saw nothing of the money except for an occasional ice cream cone.


Why did her parents do this?  They didn't get rich or live richly.  As a family they lived a quiet and normal life.  When Shirley went home at night she was not a 'star'.  The only changes that they made were so that Shirley wouldn't be bothered.  She was allowed to grow up as a normal little girl, just like everybody else.  That's the way her parent's wanted it and that's what they got.


Why did they do this?  Again, my mother told me that other child actors were not so lucky.  During this time in Hollywood there were many movies made with child actors.  Many of them became famous and made lots of money.  However, most of their parents didn't protect their kids the way Shirley's parents did.  Most of the kids got a hold of their money and lived wildly.


Mommy reports, and this can be confirmed by an inspection of the newspapers of the times, that these other child actors got into lots of trouble.  Many of them drank and used drugs.  As they grew older they had affairs.  Because they lived wildly they were popular with their 'friends' and went to lots of parties.  Because they lived and spent wildly, many of them later went broke.  Needless to say, when they went wild they embarrassed their families and the movie moguls that were using them in films.  Thus, they lost their film contracts.  They often wound up destitute, with nothing to show for their former wealth and fame.


Needless to say, Shirley's parents wanted to protect her from this.  They wanted to protect her from the perils of wealth until she was old and mature enough to handle the temptations.


And it worked!  Shirley Temple had a long and very successful career as a child actress.  She was well respected.  She married and had her own family.  Later in life she was appointed as US Ambassador to the United Nations.


And she never became a hateful or failed woman.  She was kind and wise.


There's a lesson there!


So, why don't I want to get rich?  I don't want to face the temptations and get messed up.  I'd like to think I know my strengths and my weaknesses.  I'd just as soon not find out too dramatically.


So why don't I want to be famous?  Well, I sorta doubt that writing a Bible commentary will make me famous.  Most of the people I speak with don't seem to have a clue about such things and most don't even care.  I cannot believe I will be famous.  And I think I like it that way.  If fame made you happy, the British royal family would be the happiest people on earth.  From the kinds of things I see in the news, it sure looks like that isn't the case.  In fact, it seems like fame doesn't make you happy, instead it seems to make you positively unhappy.  Do YOU want to be miserable?  I don't!  I have enough trouble just getting through a normal day without a boat-load of new troubles.  Save me from fame, Jesus!


So, why do I use a pen name?  Because I'm a coward and a sinner.  I don't want to get messed up.  I just want to be me.  Warts and all.


So, who IS Theon Doxazo?  Why should we pay any attention to what you have to say?  Well, you probably shouldn't.  What I have to say isn't important.  Who you SHOULD pay attention to is Jesus!  It MAY be that you'll find something of Him on this site, and that would be good.  That is my hope.  You may already be aware of this, but Theon Doxazo, in the Greek language, means 'Glory to God'.  It is my wish that any glory for this site go to Him.


So, you didn't answer the question.  Who is Theon Doxazo?


The kinds of things you would like to know probably break down into two areas:  Psychology and Christianity.  I'd like to cover these areas separately so that you can get a modest idea of who I am and why you might want to read this site.




As an undergraduate I was trained by Don Miller in Psychodrama.  Don was trained by Zerka, Moreno's wife and heir.  Under Don I compiled almost enough experience to be credentialed as a Psychodrama practitioner.  It is my preferred therapeutic technique, although I haven't been in a psychodrama in 40 years.


It was in Don's classes that I was introduced to the work of Erik Erikson, who later was so influential in the creation of the 2nd Peter Theory.  His book, Childhood and Society, was particularly helpful.


I completed my Masters degree in Psychology in Southern California.  While there I did a summer internship with a half-way house treatment center for recently discharged psychiatricly diagnosed adolescents.  I did a second internship with the Soboba Indian Nation.  It was just across the mountains from the tribe that sold the land that became Palm Springs.  They were rich.  The Soboba tribe was not.


I completed my PhD in Psychology at a state university in the Midwest.  I completed the coursework for the Clinical track.  I obtained a paid practicum at the local Rehabilitation Hospital.  While there I saw an occasional patient.  My primary job was to develop measures of treatment effectiveness for all the Clinical Departments of the Hospital.  I was originally brought in to do a reliability study of an in-house measure they had created.  I did so and demonstrated that their theoretically-based measure was lousy.  I was later hired to perform an empirically-based test development process.  Which I did.


During this process I discovered that they had done their work using a Guttman Scaling process.  While SPSS had a Guttman Scaling program as part of their package, I was convinced that it was problematic.  There were no supporting measures for this mathematical procedure demonstrating the conditions under which it would prove problematic.  As a result I undertook a Monte Carlo analysis of the Guttman Scale procedure.  I had just finished this analysis when I left the University to do my Post-Doc.


I did my Post-Doctoral work in Rehabilitation Psychology by seconding myself to the Psychology Service at a Western State Department of Employment.  While there I did many Psychological Evaluations of Rehab patients.


In order to take my next job, I was licensed as a Doctoral Level Psychologist by a southern state.  There I was credentialed by the state with a specialty in Rehabilitation Psychology.


After I completed my Post-Doc in Rehab Psych, I got a position with a free-standing, medical rehab facility.  I feel the need to point out that this was NOT a drug or alcohol rehab facility.  This was a medical rehab hospital.  Think Physiatry.  My bread and butter was the assessment and treatment of stroke patients, with a sub-theme of amputation, closed head and spinal cord injury patients, with the odd Guillain Barré patient thrown in for good measure.  I was appointed 'Manager of Psychological Services', which included oversight of the Social Work department.


I left this position to take a job at a small Christian college in the south.  More about that below.




I was born a White boy and raised in a Christian home in Compton, California.  A great place to be from.  (That's a joke.)  My father was Chairman of the Elders and taught the Men's Sunday School class.  My mother, a saint of God, taught the Women's Sunday School class.  My best friend was the son of the preacher.  The preacher, Franklin Miller, was a professor at a local Christian Seminary.  Needless to say, I was raised in the church.  I had perfect attendance for something like 13 years.


Growing up in Compton the town changed around me.  Originally a white suburb of Los Angeles, Compton became a part of the black ghetto of Watts.  When I was in high school the school was 1/3 white, 1/3 black and 1/3 Chicano.  No one had control of the territory.  One can only imagine the 'joys' that produced.  You couldn't just 'go to the bathroom'.  You had to go to the right one!  Each of the gangs had taken control of the bathrooms and you had to go to 'yours' or you'd be beaten up.


I was something of a nerd.  That was before the word 'nerd' had even been invented.  Still, everybody knew what a nerd was, even without the word.  Fortunately, I was in the 'college-prep' track and we were mostly insulated from the fighting.  Yes, we still had armed guards on campus and we would have had metal detectors, if they had been invented.  Still, I was insulated, somewhat, from the problems, but not entirely.  After all, how can you be 'insulated' when the school erupts into a fight with over 200 guys fighting at the same time?


During high school my debate partner was black.  During the Watts riots in the mid 1960's this presented a bit of a problem.  I couldn't go to his house to work on our debate case and he couldn't come to mine.  Poppa had his gun out on the kitchen table and if my debate partner or any other black man had come to the door, I shudder to think of what might have happened.  So, we didn't study together at home, we worked together at school.  In addition to being black, I also knew that he was using marijuana.  That was a big deal in those days.  He bragged of growing his own in the flower beds around City Hall.  Apparently the gardeners helped him keep the crop weeded.  It was only after high school that I learned that he was a homosexual.  He made a pass at me.  Needless to say, all this was quite disturbing to a quiet, conservative, Christian boy.


When I went to college I attended a modest school in southern California.  The school was rated number one in the nation by the American Journal of Humanistic Psychology.  That should tell you something.  I grew my hair out and rebelled.  I smoked pot and protested.  I got my picture in Time magazine!  I did manage to graduate with a reasonable understanding of Psychology.  But I was thoroughly messed up.


When I graduated I came back to the Church, but I knew I couldn't worship my father's God.  He had to be MY God.


About six months after I graduated my parents convinced me to attend, with them, the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts.  I still have the notebook we were given there.  I'm looking at it as I write.  The Institute was an evangelistic outreach of conservative protestant Christianity during this time.  It was geared to reconnecting the 'lost' children of the 60's with their parents and the Church.  It worked.  I returned to the fold.


I was faced with a problem, however.  I had been raised in the church and I was baptized at about 10 years of age.  I knew what I needed to believe and who I needed to be.  I also knew that I was not that person.  I knew my life needed to change.


While listening to the lectures at the Institute, Bill Gothard had very briefly produced a handout of the process of Christian development based on 2 Pet 1:5-7.  It displayed an eight level scheme of spiritual growth.  My immediate reaction to seeing this was to be reminded of the work of Erik Erikson, my favorite Psychologist, who had also produced an eight level scheme of development.  This set me to thinking.


One evening in October of 1972 I was on my back balcony watching the sun go down.  I prayed that God would work in my life.  In my pride I made a deal with God.  I said that if He would make me into the man He wanted me to be, but do it slowly, with my eyes open, so that I could understand the process, then I would teach others.


That 'deal' has been the focus of my life ever since.


I was driving truck at the time.  One Saturday I awoke from a vivid dream.  It was a dream about the end of the world.  I knew that things were not right between myself and God.  By noon of that morning I had quit my job, given my landlord notice, and was packing to go to Bible College.  They didn't know I was coming.  On the way there I prayed that, if God wanted me there, I'd be accepted, get a place to live, and find a job to support myself.  On the day I arrived I was accepted, I got a place to live, and I got a job that would support me.  Needless to say, I believe I was following God's leading.


I spent the next three years at San Jose Bible College.  I took every Greek class they offered.  I wound up with 27 units of Greek, almost enough for a Master's degree all by itself!  I took all the Greek our school offered because I knew it would be necessary if I were to properly exegete the text of 2 Peter.  God bless Dr. Alder for his patience!  I was not the best of his students.  I also discovered that the bible memory work the classes required helped me to, somewhat, recover my memory previously damaged by the marijuana.


It was during this time that I came to grips with the foundations of Faith that you will discover as you consider what I have come to call the Second Peter Theory of Christian Spiritual Development.  It was also at this time that I decided to use the nom de plume of Theon Doxazo (translated from the Greek: to God be the glory).  Interestingly, it seems that Theon Doxazo is a relatively common name in Africa.  When I set up a Facebook page under this name I was inundated by hundreds of Africans wanting to be my 'friends'.  Who cudda knowed?


After finishing those three years I shifted gears and got into Psychology.  When I did my Masters degree in Psychology I decided to do my thesis on the theory of the development of moral judgments by Lawrence Kohlberg.  I chose this topic because I wanted to work on Peter, but knew that Psychology was thoroughly secular and even anti-Christian.  I knew I would have to deal with the issues Kohlberg was working on and this would give me the chance to familiarize myself with the literature in the area.  It seemed a reasonable place to start.  You will find faint echos of this work in the 2 Peter Theory.


After that I attended a large mid-western state university for my PhD in Psychology.  Needless to say, being an up-front Christian in a secular Psychology program was not as bad as being White in Compton, but almost.  For my dissertation I did a test development project to produce measures of the eight 2 Peter virtues.  I had to present it as a test development effort to convince my secular Psychology faculty that this was a Psychology dissertation, and not a dissertation in Theology.  I got it by.  This allowed me to continue to work on 2 Peter.


After my doctorate, I did a post-doc in Rehabilitation Psychology with a state agency in a western state.  It was during this period that I was formally Ordained to the Christian Ministry.  I believe I have been called to a specialized ministry of Christian Spiritual Development.


I left my position at the Rehab Hospital to teach at a small Christian college in the south.  I was a Professor of Psychology and Department Chair.  It included overseeing the Social Work department, again.  They needed little oversight.  I loved teaching those students.  I love them still.  I frequently presented the 2 Peter Theory as a lecture in the Personality Theory class, which seemed well received.  While there I assisted several of the Professors in completing their doctoral research, as I seemed gifted in Statistics.  I've always said that I can teach Statistics to rocks.  I'm proud of the accomplishment of one of my students that tried out for a summer job as an assistant to a professor at another university.  He challenged her to prove that she knew stat.  He gave her some data and had her compute and interpret an ANOVA.  She did so.  He was impressed.  She was hired.  Alright!


I acted as a High School Guidance Counselor for a few years and remodeled a few houses in the area.  Now I find myself retired and pounding out words on my computer.  I've finally gotten the chance to work on Peter!


Concluding Thoughts


I can't help thinking that this seems a lot like my obituary.  I guess it could be.  The Second Peter Theory has been the focus of my life.  It's effected almost everything I've turned my hand to, and everything I've learned and become seems to have fed back into it's creation.


The 2 Peter Theory is still a work in progress.  Neither it nor we are finished till we're dead and buried.  Then all we have left is to pray that Verse 11 comes to our rescue,  "for in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be abundantly supplied to you."  Ahh, for that 'abundant supply'!

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